Highly concentrated ZeroSulfate shampoos use less water yet still offer a luxurious, custom-care experience.

  • Decreased water use in formulations by 80% for shampoo and 34% for conditioner*


New shampoo and conditioner bottles are manufactured using minimal water at every step* and use the latest recycled plastics to preserve our precious formulas.

  • Decreased water use in packaging by 39% for shampoo and 37% for conditioner
  • Reduced amount of water needed per batch of products by 58%


Together with Green Cross International, we're working to bring life-sustaining water to communities in need, and educate consumers about what they can do to conserve water every day. Visit gci.ch to learn more.

  • Encourage salons and consumers to minimize the amount of water they use through online and print communications
  • Pure Green Membership drive and Green Cross International awareness events to further educate colourists and consumers about water conservation
  • Donate to the Green Cross International Smart Water for Green Schools program with Limited Edition Hydrate Packaging. This indispensable cause provides clean water and sanitation, and generates a renewed sense of life in local communities. Click here to learn more about this program.


The Pureology WaterSaver Salon digital tool allows salons to estimate their current water usage and identify ways to conserve water. Pureology is truly entering the digital revolution with this web tool that is optimized for mobile and tablet devices. Click here to learn more about this program.

  • Guide salon owners and stylists through various daily activities where water is used.
  • Ask simple questions, and evaluates water usage based on data estimates.
  • Give users the opportunity to make commitments within their salons to reduce the amount of water they are currently using.

*Findings based on independent sustainable audit conducted by Five Winds International