OUR Sustainability PARTNERS


In September 2009, Pureology formed an exclusive global partnership with Green Cross International (GCI) to help raise sustainability awareness starting with the salon professional community. Established in 1993, Green Cross International is an organization that addresses the world's most pressing environmental challenges. It is headquartered in Geneva and it is currently present in over 30 countries. To learn more, visit gcint.org.

Pureology has raised funds for Green Cross International through the following promotions and events:

  • Pure Green memberships
  • Sales of a limited edition Pureology/SIGG water bottle
  • Individual salon promotions and efforts

Smart Water for Green Schools

Smart Water for Green Schools is a program that equips schools in Ghana with rainwater harvesting systems, ecological sanitation facilities, additional water systems for the extended community and educational programs. Smart Water for Green Schools represents a concrete solution to improve the lives of the populations living in water poverty.

Smart water systems help communities by reducing the time spent to fetch clean water, which in turn increases school attendance. Improved facilities also attract teachers and young female students, who often stay at home when hygiene conditions are questionable. As a result, these systems are ensuring education for more children and reducing gender inequalities in the communities they serve.