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Wendy Bélanger

Pureology International Artistic Director and Owner of Influence Salon in Calgary, Canada


Sought-after stylist Wendy Bélanger has been featured on television as well as major magazines. She has a focused and artistic mindset that translates to everything she pursues, whether it’s teaching a guest in her salon or demonstrating the latest trends on stage. Her career has found her a winner at the Canadian Hairdresser Awards, at events such as Fashion Week, and styling stars for the Oscar Awards as well as the Emmy Awards.


Why Wendy loves Pureology:
Pureology gives me integrity. A person of integrity does what they say they are going to do by when they say they are going to do it. Pureology performs. It won’t ever let me down when I make a recommendation. There isn't a guest that isn't a fit for Pureology, there is something for everyone. I know my colors have assurance of lasting longer and my work is looking amazing on my guests when they are away from the salon.





Creative Director of Rare/Pureology Salon

With almost 25 years experience, Ruth Roche is at the top of her profession and continues to inspire her peers and her clients with innovation, humour and talent. Her work has appeared in top magazines and on the runways of New York Fashion Week, and she’s been honored multiple times by the North American Hairstyling Awards.

Why Ruth loves Pureology:
Being a Colour Perfectionist, I need a brand that provides maximum colour protection for my clients. Pureology does! I love the brand for its superior performance, luxurious concentrated formulas and commitment to Sustainability!



Hairstylist, entrepreneur, educator, and seeker of knowledge, Natasha is an industry leader and Colour Ambassador for Pureology. As the owner of Santa Monica’s premier hair boutique, she has run her hands through some of Hollywood’s most notable heads of hair. She brings a keen sense of style and unique approach to hair therapy.Pureology Colour Ambassador and Owner of Byu-ti / Pureology Salon in Santa Monica, California


Why Natasha loves Pureology:
If I were to create the perfect product line, Pureology would be it. When I found Pureology I felt like I had found a fantasy. My salon is as eco-friendly as we can possibly be and ingredients are very important to us. Pureology's ethics match our ethics. A true match made in heaven!